South Yorkshire Woodfuel

Who is leading on Woodfuel Projects in South Yorkshire?

South Yorkshire Forest Partnership - SYFP - Community Forest

Since 2002, South Yorkshire Forest Partnership has been promoting and developing woodfuel energy projects in the region. An initial £13,000 proposal to the Countryside Agency for a feasibility study to investigate the potential for woodfuel generation in the SY region, grew and developed into a series of projects that have attracted over £.5 million of funding. These have helped put South Yorkshire firmly on the map as National leaders in woodfuel development. South Yorkshire Forest Partnership instigated the formation of the South Yorkshire Biomass Group and the South Yorkshire Wood Energy Cluster, below.

South Yorkshire Forest Partnership

South Yorkshire Biomass Group - SYBG

Established in 2003, the SYBG is made up managers and individuals with a desire to promote and develop woodfuel energy generation in South Yorkshire. All four Local Authorities are represented as well as both Sheffield's Universities, South Yorkshire Police and a number of private businesses and consultancies. The groups aim is to share good practice and experiences as well as provide support for developing wood energy projects.
The biomass group

South Yorkshire Wood Energy Cluster

Has developed or supported projects at:

  • RSPB - Old Moor Wetland Reserve - Wath on Dearne
  • Sheffield Road Flats - Barnsley MBC
  • Callow Mount Gleadless & Carwood Estate, Burngreave - Sheffield CC
  • Wood Pellet Trail across South Yorkshire

Objective 1 - Forestry Resource Grant

SYFP were able to utilise European funds to help fund the first woodenergy boiler in the region with the RSPB. The money has also been used to develop a wood pellet project as well support contractors and suppliers of feedstock for the biomass installations.

Yorkshire Forward - Regional Development Agency (RDA)

Support has been received from Yorkshire Forward, under their carbon reduction umbrella since April 2004 when YF funded SYFP's Pathfinder 1 proposal for a South Yorkshire Wood Energy Cluster. Yorkshire Forward is believed to be the only RDA in the country which has set itself Carbon Reduction targets, enabling it to directly support biomass projects such as the Wood Cluster - which is also the only one of its kind in the country. Without the support and vision of the Yorkshire Forward Sustainable Development Team, realisation of a number of the South Yorkshire projects would have been difficult or impossible to achieve. For further information see the link below.

Yorkshire Forward

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council - BMBC

BMBC are the first local authority in the region to install wood energy boilers. Funded by Yorkshire Forward through the SYFP's Pathfinder 1 project, two boilers totalling 470kW have been installed at Sheffield Road flats.

Barnsley MBC has taken a lead amongst the regions local authorities in its approach to biomass and woodfuel energy production. They are the first council in the country to adopt a pro-biomass procurement policy Report link, which indicates that for new and refurbished council owned buildings the presumption of the provision of heat, should woodfuel. As a result of this, the council is now developing plans for several further boilers to be commissioned over the next few years, starting with Smithies Lane Depot and including the new Town Hall Complex.

The Council also took a leading role in a wood pellet trial which, substituted the burning of wood pellet for coal in underfed coal fired plant.

Sheffield City Council

Sheffield Council has also benefited from SYFP's Pathfinder 1 project and have developed two biomass installations, both with circa 500kW Froling boilers. These are at the Carwood Estate, Burngreave (98 houses) and Callow Mt flats, Gleadless (298 flats). They are also undertaking a review of their current heat provision portfolio to develop future project sites.

Doncaster MBC

Doncaster has been supportive of the SYBG since its creation and has been looking to develop suitable wood energy projects. A number of short rotational coppice growers are established in the area which has produced an additional appeal for promoting woodfuel issues in the region. Currently DMBC is looking at developing a similar pro-woodfuel procurement policy as Barnsley MBC, which would have a presumption in favour of woodfuel. They are also looking to develop a woodfuel pilot project

Silvapower Ltd

Established in spring 2004, Silvapower Ltd is the region's first fully dedicated woodfuel supply company. Silvapower Ltd is under contract to Sheffield City Council to operate infrastructure equipment such as the Heizohack HM14-800 chipper, which South Yorkshire Forest Partnership has secured from Yorkshire Forward under Pathfinder 2 funding support. Silvapower Ltd are helping to research wood pellet supply and production in the area.

Yorkshire Forward

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