South Yorkshire Woodfuel

Where is it already happening?

Since 2002, thanks to support of Yorkshire Forward and Objective 1 funded Forestry Resources Grant, South Yorkshire Forest Partnership have been working with progressive organisations to initiate the first successful cluster of woodfuel installations in the Yorkshire region

Wood Energy Trail

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Old Moor Wetlands Centre

the rspc woodchip fired boiler

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) - installation of a 101kW Austrian KWB woodchip fired boiler in early 2004 - the first in South Yorkshire

Union St Flats

Union Street Flats

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council (BMBC)- 2x Froling wood chip fired boilers installed to replace obsolete coal-fired boilers, now heating a block of 166 apartments

Callow Mount - Gleadless, Sheffield

Callow Mount

Sheffield City Council (SCC) - are installing boilers at 2 district heating systems sites, Callow Mt, Gleadless with 6 blocks of flats and Carwood Estate, Burngreave with 98 houses.

Wood Pellet Trial

Wood pellet trial

4 members of the South Yorkshire Biomass Group with coal fired heating plant, ran the boilers for a year, substituting the burning of coal with imported wood pellet. The trial was a great success and some of the sites are still running on wood pellet following the completion of the study. Were a local cost effective supply of wood pellet available, an estimated 12,000 tonnes p.a. of coal and its resultant carbon, could be saved from being burnt and released into the atmosphere.


A domestic stove

The use of woodfuel for heating is gradually gaining support in the UK. There are a number of installers who are able to undertake this kind of project and there are some grant funds available to support this. There is a case study report available of a wood pellet stove installation at Rossington, Doncaster

Woodfuel supply and infrastructure

A tractor

Woodfuel supply and infrastructure has also need substantial support, essential in helping to establish a successful and robust supply network. In June 2005 Yorkshire Forward awarded SYFP/Sheffield City Council nearly £400k to purchase a wood chipping machine, and handling equipment and other support mechanisms. A service contract has now been agreed with Silvapower Ltd, a local woodchip supply company, who will operate the machinery to enable fuel-quality chip to be supplied to local users.