South Yorkshire Woodfuel

Case Studies

Three case studies of sites in South Yorkshire that have adopted wood fuel heat energy generation.

Callow Mount flats - Sheffield
296 flats in 6 blocks heat by a Froling wood chip boilers with an output of 500kW. Fuel reception is in a subterranean store.

Old Moor Wetland Canter - RSPB Reserve - Wombwell
Residential Visitor canter with offices, cafe and study rooms heated by a 100kW KWB wood chip boiler

Sheffield Rd Flats - Barnsley
166 flats in 3 blocks heated by 2 Froling wood chip boilers with a combined output of 470kW. Fuel reception is above ground store.

Wood Pellet Trail
The burning of wood pellets on an underfed coal fired boiler at Kirk Balk School, Barnsley.