South Yorkshire Woodfuel

Funding Support

Funding programs are frequently changing. A number of successful schemes such as ClearSkies and Community Energy Program (CEP), have come to an end. New funding streams are currently being developed by Government in response to the Biomass Taskforce Report 2006

A number of woodfuel installers (listed here) have been awarded Dti Bio-energy Capital Grants - which means that they can effectively provide in the region of 20-25% discount on eligible capital cost (i.e. the biomass equipment - the grant does not to cover structural works such as a boiler house or fuel reception buildings etc.). Confirm with your installer that they have access to this grant.

Check out the following Orgainisations for more information on possible sources of funding ;

Low Carbon Buildings Programme
Energy Saving Trust
21 Dartmouth Street
London SW1H 9BP
Tel; 0800 915 0990

Open to householders, public, not for profit and commercial organisations across the UK (except the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man), the programme will demonstrate how energy efficiency and microgeneration can work hand in hand to create low carbon buildings.

Two streams of grants are available:

Stream one: for householders and community organisations. Apply now
A maximum of £30,000 or 50% of the capital and installation cost of the microgeneration technologies is grant fundable.

Stream 2 fund is comprised of two categories and is open to both public sector and private sector applicants alike.:
Stream 2A - £5.6m to be allocated over seven funding rounds (and one reserve round) Maximum grant of £100k or 40-50% of total costs (excl. VAT). There will be quarterly deadlines for stream 2A applications.
Stream 2B - £11m to be allocated over three funding rounds (and one reserve round) Maximum grant of £1m or 40-50% of total costs (excl. VAT). Deadlines for applications will be twice a year.

The Carbon Trust
8th Floor
3 Clement's Inn
Tel: 0800 085 2005

0% Energy Efficiency Loans between £5,000 to £100,000 unsecured and interest free to fund projects such as lighting, boilers or insulation.

Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA) scheme, you can claim an 'enhanced' 100% capital allowance on qualifying investments in equipment in the first tax year. Normal capital allowances on plant and machinery are 25% a year on a reducing balance basis.

Bio-energy Infrastructure Grant - To provide grants to farmers, foresters and businesses to help develop the supply chain required to harvest, store, process and supply energy crops and woodfuel to energy end-users.