South Yorkshire Woodfuel

Getting support for your project

The success of a project naturally depends on each member of your team pulling in the same direction - Initially, some of your fellow project members may need persuading! To help get your project moving, the following may help:-

  • Information - woodfuel is often misunderstood or seen as "a bit risky". The more information and examples of good or working practise that can be evidenced to those involved with your project the better.
  • Demonstration site - one of the most straight forward, simplest and effective methods of gaining support is to show people what it is you want to do, and that someone else has also done it - successfully. Taking people to a demonstration woodfuelled site, shows that the technology actually works. Having an "expert" on hand to discuss the installation is also very important and has been seen to be a very effective method of persuasion!
  • A Project champion - such as a senior member of the organisation is a key element in helping to successfully negotiate and drive the project to completion.
  • Positive outcomes - what the project will mean. Along with CO2 savings helping to meet National targets, there may well be energy saving costs as well as exemplar status for the sites etc.
  • Involve the following at an early a stage as possible if relevant to your project, architects, building, energy or services managers, committee or management mean members etc.

Choosing a Consultant or Installer

It is NOT mandatory to engage in a feasibility study once a woodfuel project has been decided upon. There are many examples of such studies which all come to similar conclusions. The information you require can be gained by simply inviting potential installers to come and appraise your site.

Once you have identified if your project site e.g. new build or refurbishment is suitable for a woodfuel installation

  • Collect information such as annual cost of heating, the heat load and peak loads, which the site has or is likely to have.
  • Invite approx. 3 or more installers/consultants to come and assess your site. They will discuss your needs and provide indicative suggestions and outline costing for your project.
  • This will give you the opportunity to assess the installers and ask more detailed questions regarding the installation process and timescales etc.
  • The information the installers/consultants feed back to you will enable you to draw up a project brief detailing your list of requirements i.e. size, range and characteristics of the boiler and installation you require.
  • This can be sent out as a competitive tender using names from the list of installers/consultants.
  • With the tenders back and assessment made, your preferred installer will need to undertake a detailed design plan. You pay for this as a separate piece of work generally, indicative cost £1500. This will provide all the detailed drawings and provide true costs for the whole project and allow you to order the work to be undertaken.
  • Once the design plan is accepted, a contract for the installation of the boilers can be agreed.