South Yorkshire Woodfuel

How to develop a wood fuel project

Modern wood fuel systems are now available for your home, office, factory, public building or for groups of buildings such as blocks of apartments or housing schemes. There are a growing number of examples across the country of successful installations which demonstrate that wood-energy is sophisticated, fully automated, trouble free and increasingly cheaper than fossil fuels especially over whole life costings.

See below for a list of articles about developing a woodfuel project that will point you in the right direction. Our experience has found that seeing working examples of woodfuel installations and networking with like-minded individuals will assist the development process considerably.

South Yorkshire Forest Partnership, on behalf of the Yorkshire Region, have co-ordinated and spearheaded two successful bids to Yorkshire Forward the Regional Development Agency (RDA), for support in developing a Wood Energy Cluster in the South Yorkshire sub-region. We are working together to develop an infrastructure and support network which will:

  • Encourage a growing market and ensure that potential woodfuel users are given the support they need to develop new woodfuel projects or to convert existing fossil fuel boilers to woodenergy
  • Create a source of woodfuel designed for today's automated woodfuel boilers
  • Exchange ideas, information and solutions among users and suppliers of woodfuel
  • Help with funding, including grant support for suitable projects
  • Act as a source of technical support using our own expertise and access to specialist consultants
  • Work within a wider partnership which includes such diverse bodies such as:-

The Basics

  • Site requirements - All woodfuel installations for larger buildings need to be capable of being serviced by a delivery vehicle. This page will help you to decide if your site can accommodate a boiler and the necessary space needed for fuel storage and delivery
  • Getting support for your project will depend on how much support is required to manage and maintain the installation.
  • Types of Contract.
  • Grant support - where financial help is available
  • Woodfuel Options - Is there enough feedstock, what kinds of material can be used, what kinds of woodchip are there, how easy is it to find local supplies of fuel grade woodfuel?
  • Domestic and micro boilers - Interested in heating your home or workshop with woodfuel? You can now do this cleanly, efficiently and with the minimum of fuss
  • Case Studies - Examples of Schemes already in operation in South Yorkshire

Further support and advice

Want to know more about choosing, installing and running a woodfuel installation for a public building or district heating scheme? Click here to download a pdf booklet on Wood fuel heating for public building.