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Currently energy production is dependent on burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas, and is one the greatest contributors to catastrophic climate change, with much of this energy directed at heating buildings.

We can all contribute in reducing dependence on fossil fuels by using less energy, using energy more efficiently and by switching to sources of renewable energy such as wood, wind and solar power, which put less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Wood is the oldest fuel we know, and now, thanks to 21st century technology wood can fuel highly efficient, fully automated and clean heating systems. Wood is a renewable energy source and is a cost effective choice, which can help you to reduce your carbon emissions.

This site is aimed at providing you with support and information regarding the developing network of users and suppliers who are turning to woodfuel at local level - helping to meet the single biggest challenge facing mankind globally today.

AFO - 2009-12- Final Report

AFO - Activating private forest owners to increase forest fuel supply

Report on Training Week to Austria, 3rd-7th October 2011

AFO's main objective is to increase wood fuel supply from privately owned European forests. In terms of bioenergy promotion, private forest owners (PFO's) form a conclusive forest owner group, as they possess most of the European wood energy potential. AFO carries out various activation procedures to initiate wood fuel supply clusters among PFO's. These clusters are brought together with the local potential energy wood users, focusing on local small- and medium scale heat plants.

The project operates during 2009-12 in six countries and five specific target areas. Finland and Austria are countries of high wood fuel utilization level and strong experience of bioenergy harvesting and procurement systems. They will transfer best practices to less experienced partner countries with vast private forests ownership (France, Slovenia, Latvia and UK).

Results and best practices acquired in the project will be disseminated throughout all EU member states - for further information click here